Simba PPSU Sippy Cup Replacement Straw

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1.Selected food grade silicone tube, drink at unlimited angles.
2.Proofed non-toxic and BPA free by SGS.
3.Detachable components are easier to clean, and replace it periodically for more hygienic use.


Tube:Silicone (-20℃~+120℃/-4℉~+248℉)
Adaptor:Polyproplene (-20℃~+100℃/-4℉~+212℉)
Brush:Polyproplene (-20℃~+100℃/-4℉~+212℉)
Bristle:Nylon (-20℃~+70℃/-4℉~+158℉)
Bead:Polyproplene/Stainless Steel (-20℃~+100℃/-4℉~+212℉)

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